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Facts about Vaginoplasty

As women age, there are so many changes in their body. The most obvious ones are the changes of the body or otherwise known as physical change A lot would say that these changes are normal but these changes could affect the woman emotionally especially their outlook in life and their self esteem.

One of the most common things that women experience is vaginal looseness. The vaginal wall may have been weakened or may have been damaged because of childbirth, or because losing too much weight or worst because of other medical conditions. Most of the time those women who have severe conditions cannot live a normal life and their whole being has been affected. Their sexual life could change because women who have vaginal looseness do not feel fully satisfied and the partner feels the same way too. Some women also experience vaginal trapping or vaginal wind which could be very embarrassing for these women. Lastly, vaginal water trapping could also happen wherein water gets trapped inside. Most of the time, women need to dribble themselves for a long time so that the water will just come out.

Good thing science has always been very helpful to everyone. Vaginal reconstruction or vaginoplasty has been made to help women who have this problem. This is a reconstructive surgery of the vaginal canal so that it would tighten and would be just like the pre pregnant state.

There are several reasons why vaginoplasty is a good option for women who suffer from vaginal looseness. First of all, after giving birth, the vaginal canal becomes loose due to the stretching of the muscles. Basically, this could be very uncomfortable and also it can further cause irritation and the only solution is vaginoplasty. Moreover, in a disease called pelvic prolapse or if the pelvic muscles have relaxed, it is very difficult to control the flow of urine. With this, vaginal reconstruction can help in regaining it and can also help in achieving snugness. Lastly, this procedure could also be a personal choice especially for those women who have aged over time. This procedure can help in achieving a youthful feeling and look since it is done for the purpose of aesthetics.

This procedure is performed by a surgeon so it is very important to choose a professional one and someone who has had a lot of experiences in this procedure. If you do not choose the right surgeon, you might have something that you will regret for a lifetime.

In summary, there are changes in a woman’s body that could affect her self esteem and self worth and one of them is the looseness of the vaginal canal. This thing could affect the sexual satisfaction of a woman and her partner as well. Good thing that there is a reconstructive procedure called vaginoplasty which could fix this condition. This thing should be done by a surgeon. Although, it is a little bit expensive but surely it will be worth the pain and the cost.